Every day events, 5 different restaurants in city center!

Speed dating for Moscow singles!

We offer 50 Speed Dating events in Moscow every month. You are welcome to visit any of them. See english translation of full schedule here!

Tired of the bar scene? Hate setups? Already know all of your friends' friends, and have a healthy disinclination to date your co-workers? FastLife Speed Dating is the perfect solution. It's the efficient, effective, and fun way to meet other Moscow singles and figure out which ones you want to see again, without the awkwardness of approaching a stranger or getting stuck in long conversations with someone who is not for you. 

A group of singles in your age group - an equal number of men and women - meet at a lounge bar filled with tables and couches for two. You'll sit at a numbered table with your first partner. The host rings a bell, and your first "date" begins. After five-seven minutes the bell rings again, and you rotate on to a new partner. Each of you discreetly marks on a form whether you want to see the person you just met again. If you both picked "yes," you've matched.

There are 4 age groups from 20 till 60.

Just leave your phone number in this form and we contact you with invitation.

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